ILMA Guiding Principles

The Institutional Life Markets Association, Inc. (ILMA) is a trade association comprised of a number of the world’s leading institutional investors and intermediaries in the mortality and longevity marketplace, formed to encourage the prudent and competitive development of a suite of evolving mortality and longevity related financial businesses, including the businesses of life settlements and premium finance.

Life insurance is one of the most important financial assets a consumer owns, and the prudent regulation of the life settlement and premium finance industries is critically important to a consumer’s ability to acquire such asset and, during the term thereof, to realize all of the economic opportunities associated therewith.

To help bring consensus among the various life insurance companies, life settlement providers, brokers, banks, premium finance lenders and other participants in the life settlement and premium finance industries, and to facilitate the promulgation of appropriate regulation and the development of industry “best practices,” ILMA has formulated the following guiding principles to be considered when conducting business in this marketplace.

With these Guiding Principles as a basis, ILMA looks forward to engaging in a dialogue with the leaders of the life settlement and premium finance businesses to promote common interests and objectives and to develop industry “best practices.” ILMA also looks forward to working with legislators and regulators to help design appropriate and consumer-oriented regulation.