Industry Overview

  • Longevity-Mortality risk is uncorrelated with established asset classes

    • Interest rates, equity performance, credit risk, macroeconomic trends
  • ILMA believes that the size of underlying insurance and pension exposure lends structural support for the establishment of the market as a standalone asset class

    • At the end of 2008 it was estimated that $26.1 trillion of ordinary life insurance (including term, universal, and whole life insurance) was in force*
Factors Affecting
Longevity/Mortality of a Population

— Developments in medical technology
— Access to high quality healthcare
— Health and habits of population
Factors correlated with
Longevity/Mortality of a Population

— Personal wealth***
—Geographical location
— Year of birth (“cohort”)

*Conning Research & Consulting Strategic Study Series - Life Settlements: A Buyer's Market for Now 2009