ILMA Comments Letters

April 2013 ILMA Amicus Brief - PHL Variable Insurance Case PDF
October 2012 ILMA Amicus Brief - Barnes Case PDF
January 2012 ILMA Amicus Brief - Cabal Case PDF
August 2010 ILMA Amicus Brief - Kramer PDF
December 2010 Life Settlement Provider Best Practices PDF
July 2010 California Life Settlement Law PDF

On July 9, 2010, the State of California issued implementation guidance for the new life settlement law signed by Governor Schwarzenegger on October 11, 2009. Under the terms of the new statute, life settlement brokers and providers will be required to obtain a license from the California Insurance Commissioner to transact life settlement business in California and will be subject to both licensing and consumer disclosure requirements. read more

December 2007 Ohio House Bill Number 404 PDF
November 2007 NY Department of Insurance Comments PDF
October 2007 NCOIL Life Settlements Model Act PDF
March 2007 NAIC Viatical Settlements Model Act PDF